Detect steel defects during manufacturing automatically

Improve product quality through Computer Vision and ML-driven defect detection systems

How it works?

The Steel Defect Detection Solution is an intelligent defect detection system for metal products. Powered by computer vision and anomaly detection, it augments machine vision systems, or high-resolution cameras, for in-production quality monitoring in steel manufacturing. It is trained on custom databases of steel production and steel quality inspection, to ensure high accuracy of defect detection.


When deployed, the solution analyzes video streams in real-time to detect and classify defects with 99% precision. It pushes defect alerts to quality inspection systems and QA engineers, helping the latter analyze errors in the production process and to take corrective measures. The solution allows steel manufacturers to achieve higher production efficiency and better product quality, reduce waste and rework.

Key Benefits

  • Near Real-Time Defect Detection

    Through AI-powered automation, the solution lets significantly reduce manual inspection time, to allow for faster corrective measures in production.

  • Reduced Scrap Rate

    Due to advanced fault localization and traceability, quality engineers take corrective measures fast to achieve up to 50% less scrap.

  • Better Product Quality

    Advanced ML algorithms detect and classify defects with 99% accuracy, which allows to reduce waste and cut on labor input.

  • Maximized Total Revenue

    The combination of increased throughput, better product quality, fewer defects, and less scrap allows manufacturers to maximize revenue.

Key Features
  • Real-time analytics capabilities

  • Detects: Scratches, cracks, chips, dents, holes, smudges

  • Highly accurate detection; can be trained on local data

  • Secure, scalable, and customizable

  • Easy integration through RESTful API

​How to deploy the solution?
It's easier than may seem, and takes weeks not months.

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