Our AI software products

We specialize in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data science for industrial companies, including manufacturing, construction, gas & oil, etc. Pre-packed and trained, our solutions are ready to be implemented in weeks, not months, or customized to fit your request.

PPE Monitoring System for Manufacturing

Automate PPE compliance control to minimize injuries and costs spent on manual safety control. Detect PPE safety violations automatically and avoid injuries up to 95% for safer worker environment

The Steel Defect
Detection Solution

Detect steel defects during manufacturing automatically. Improve product quality through Computer Vision and ML-driven defect detection systems

Automated safety and access monitoring solution

Improve access control for worker safety with facial recognition. Implement workers zone-based visibility and access control to improve safety and productivity

​How to deploy our solutions?
It's easier than may seem, and takes weeks not months.

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