PPE Monitoring System for Manufacturing


Control PPE compliance in real-time. Detect safety violations automatically and avoid injuries up to 95% for safer worker environment.

How it works?

The PPE Monitoring system is a real-time computer vision model which automatically identifies PPE non-compliance in working environments. The solution is an AI-based software. It uses live streams from CCTV cameras for intelligent video analytics. The algorithm identifies if any kind of protective gear is missing on a worker (Coat, Glasses, Glove, Mask, Helmet). When the absence of PPE is detected, the system sends an automatic notification to a safety engineer.


It is developed to ensure workplace safety on building sites, fabrication lines, steel, oil & gas enterprises, and other industrial environments where safety rules should be strictly followed.


The solution is trained on the dataset manually selected and annotated by the VITech Lab team. 

Why it is important to automate PPE monitoring

Here are some risks of manually-managed PPE violations detection.

Objects detection

See how the AI-based PPE monitoring system works in real-life conditions. The automated PPE violation detection is based on real-time video analytics and uses the CCTV stream.

Key Benefits of automated PPE monitoring

Key Features

  • Real-time video analytics

  • Сompatible with any high-resolution camera

  • Easy integration through RESTful API

  • Secure, scalable, and customizable

  • 6 object classes detection (Coat, Glasses, Gloves, Mask, Helmet, and Person)

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​How to automate PPE monitoring in your company?
It's easier than may seem, and takes weeks not months.