PPE Monitoring Software 


Control PPE compliance in real-time. Detect safety violations automatically and avoid injuries up to 95% for safer worker environment.

Manual PPE monitoring threatens your business sustainability

The solution: AI-based PPE Monitoring by VITech Lab

The PPE Monitoring software is based on a real-time computer vision model which automatically identifies PPE non-compliance in working environments.  It is developed to ensure workplace safety on building sites, fabrication lines, steel, oil & gas enterprises, and other industrial environments where safety rules should be strictly followed. The solution is trained on the data set manually selected and annotated by the VITech Lab team. 

The solution is an AI-based software. It uses live streams from CCTV cameras for intelligent video analytics. The algorithm identifies if any kind of protective gear is missing on a worker (Vest, Glasses, Glove, Mask, Helmet). When the absence of PPE is detected, the system sends an automatic notification to a safety engineer.

How it Works?

  • Objects detection

The software is capable of identifying the absence of PPE on workers thanks to the object detection technology. It is extremely hard to cheat on as the detection accuracy is nearly 99%! 

  • Intelligent Video Analytics

PPE Detector is based on real-time video analytics and uses the CCTV stream for current monitoring and PPE compliance control. It never gets tired, covers huge spaces and thus will never miss a safety breach.

Key Benefits for Your Company


Less Injury & Better compliance

Worksites are monitored in real-time for instant violation reporting, which means better safety, and injuries  are reduced to minimum.


Better Accountability

As safety is monitored in real-time, any case of injury can be researched to identify what caused it.


Less Manual Work 

High detection accuracy and automated alerts allow safety managers to cut down on manual inspections and focus more on safety drills. 


Improved Safety Regulations

With all video footage collected, safety engineers can analyze it for most common violations to develop more efficient safety drills.

Automating PPE compliance for your business in numbers

ONE instead of many

Centralized, connected camera-based automated monitoring lets you reduce the burden of manual safety monitoring

24/7 real-time monitoring

Real-time, around the clock analytics. Compatible with existing high-resolution cameras

up to 80%

Highly automated safety monitoring processes

Key Features

  • Real-Time Video Processing and Analytics

The PPE Detector makes it easy to instantly detect and report on cases of PPE violations as it captures and processes CCTV  streams for real-time analysis. The solution detects various PPE objects and, if a the absence of any of them is found,it sends an alert to a safety engineer.


  • Compatible with any high-resolution camera

Powered by computer vision and image analysis, the solution processes live video footage from cameras mounted on premises to detect and classify cases of PPE non-compliance in real-time. Camera Specifications. Any modern IP camera with minimal parameters: Resolution - from 2 MP, Video resolution - from 1920 × 1080 pixels, Video Format - H.264, Max FOV: 80 degrees, Color.

  • 4 Object Classes Detection on person: High visibility vest, Glasses, Gloves, Helmet

These classes ensure employee safety in hazardous environments.  On client’s request any other object may be added to the solution.


  • Body temperature monitoring

The detector automatically measure body temperature, if cameras have thermal imager function. If a high temperature is detected, the notification is automatically sent to responsible manager.

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