Intelligent Video Analytics Software

for Manufacturing

​Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for workplace safety, quality control automation and upgraded security

 AI software products by VITech Lab Manufacturing

We specialize in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data science for industrial companies, including manufacturing, construction, gas & oil, etc. Pre-packed and trained, our solutions are ready to be implemented in weeks, not months, or customized to fit your request.

Security & Safety control

PPE Monitoring Platform

PPE Monitoring System automatically detects the absence of protective gear on workers. In case of violation you get notifications and may take actions in time. This is the way you can control PPE compliance in real-time and decrease the injury rate up to 95%.

intelligent video analytics

Access control system based on face recognition

Intelligent video analytics enables companies to improve access control with facial recognition. Implement workers zone-based visibility and access control to improve safety and productivity with AI!

ai video analysis

Quality control

Steel defect detection solution

Upgrade quality control on your steel fabrication line with automated defect detection.  AI video analysis makes it possible to analyze video streams in real-time to detect and classify defects with 99% precision. The system pushes defect alerts to quality inspection systems and QA engineers, helping the latter analyze errors in the production process and to take corrective measures.

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It's easier than may seem, and takes weeks not months.

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