Improve access control for worker safety with facial recognition


Implement workers zone-based visibility and access control  to improve safety and productivity

How it works?

Automated safety and access monitoring solution enabled by facial recognition AI allows manufacturers to monitor and track employees, and to keep them safe by gaining visibility into shop floor operations and activities through zone-based visibility and access control.


 To ensure security on the shop floor, facial recognition and identification of individual workers in real time provides access to a worker’s qualification, access level, working hours, allowance to operating specific equipment, or to set up updates and modifications. An automated  solution for a faster check-in, it enables workers to get to work in time and minimize safety violations, such as borrowing ID cards. 

Key Benefits

  • Fast check-in and no cheating with ID cards

    Prevent security

    violations and reduce manufacturing risks caused by human factors making the process safer and better organized.

  • More Accountable Operations

    Since safety is monitored in real-time, any case of injury can be traced to identify what caused it, to avoid litigation or misinterpretation in court

  • Less Surveillance Work

    Real-time monitoring and automated alerts allow safety engineers to spend less time on the worksite to focus more on new safety drill routines

  • Improved security protocol compliance

    Prevent security violations and reduce manufacturing risks caused by human factors. Making the process safer and better by establishing workers’ access levels and tracking in real-time.

Key Features
  • Data security thanks to cloud storage and processing (ISO 27000)

  • Adaptable to different lighting conditions

  • Compatible with state’s or company’s safety regulations and security protocols

  • Distinguishes photos from real faces to avoid cheating

  • Real-time analytics and alerts

  • Compatible with any high-resolution camera

  • Pre-packed and ready to use

​How to deploy the solution?
It's easier than may seem, and takes weeks not months.
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