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The Basics & Practice of Face Recognition

for Business

Facial recognition use cases has gone far beyond what we are used to. Unlocking smartphones in good, but what other challenges can be accurately resolved by the technology? As we focus on industrial businesses, let's go through the main insights here.


Computer Vision in Manufacturing

The superior long-read about the basis of Computer vision and its impact on Manufacturing businesses. We will explore what computer vision is, why it is needed in manufacturing, and what its advantages (and disadvantages) are. Finally, we will look into specific examples of computer vision in manufacturing.


Why we fail to comply with safety rules?

Meet the psychology of human factor

Is it enough just to have some motivational talks with your employees? They all should understand why you care if they wear comply with the safety rules. What can go wrong? Let's review the behavioral patterns and what you can do with this to ensure workplace safety.


Countable safety: facts and numbers about two opposite safety control approaches

Why not leave PPE compliance control manually-managed? And what about automation? Let's review some numbers and figure out what approach of safety control is the best.


AI in Manufacturing. How Can Technology Improve Workplace Safety?

Here we dive deeper and reveal the ways AI and Machine Learning help businesses create a safe and protected environment for workers.


Three Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

In this article, we will look at a few examples and use cases of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry and explore how it can help businesses resolve the most common challenges in the manufacturing process.


Industry 4.0: Risks & Benefits of Digitalization in Manufacturing

Why we need smart factories and  what are the enabling technologies of the industry 4.0.


Automation in Manufacturing: Emerging Trends and Solutions

Let’s take a closer look at how manufacturers adopt and implement specific automation solutions and explore emerging trends in automation, from vertical integration of manufacturing and business operations to continued reshoring.