We aim to provide industrial companies with the best Machine Learning can offer

Who we are

VITech Lab Healthcare is one of the R&D divisions of VITech that specialize in development and delivery of cutting-edge AI/ML solutions, sharpened to address complex business challenges in Manufacturing and Healthcare industries.

We strive to help companies across all stages of ML adoption journey, from analyzing issues and challenges they face to providing specific steps they should take to implement and maintain solutions. Having a scope of readily available ML solutions in our portfolio, we enable a significantly faster time-to-market and accelerate AI delivery from years to a few weeks.

What we do

We use our experience to dive deep into challenges Manufacturing and construction companies all over the world face in their everyday operation. Relying on those market researches and insights, we develop Machine Learning Solutions which become efficient instruments for business growth and evolution. Our solutions can be deployed in weeks. not months, as they are pre-packed and pre-trained by our team.

Why Machine Learning is the leading technology in our products:

Deployed solution cuts costs

on quality control and personnel safety control

Real-time monitoring brings accuracy to control systems

Also reduces human-based factors of cheating or carelessness

Solution uncovers

non-trivial insights

Anomaly detection and pattern recognition buzz you for what people overlook in manufacturing rush.

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