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We are here to help industrial companies solve their challenges concerning process automation, safety and business bottlenecks. We believe artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml) are not "engineers-only" spheres of usage. Vice versa, we make big data, machine learning and computer vision work for real businesses, providing them with significant competitive advantage. 
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Challenges we resolve with Intelligent video analytics

Our approach to the AI solutions deployment

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​Full-fledged deployment takes no more than 2 month 

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Solutions can be customized to fit your request

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We provide advanced long lasting support

Use cases of AI in Manufacturing

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Personal protective equipment: facts and numbers about safety control 

Why not leave PPE compliance control manually-managed? And what about automation? Let's review some numbers and figure out what approach of safety control is the best.

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Three Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

In this article, we will look at a few examples and use cases of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry and explore how it can help businesses resolve the most common challenges in the manufacturing process.


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